Extension of the deadline for abstract submission
Writer 대한자기공명의과학회 Date 2013-01-31

This is the secretariat of the 1st ICMRI & 18th KSMRM.
We would like to make an important announcement regarding the abstract submission.
The scheduled deadline for abstract submission was January 31.
As a number of participants have submitted continual enquiries for abstract submission,
organizing committee has decided to extend the deadline until February 15.
As for those who have not yet submitted abstracts, we advise you to meet the required deadline.

Organizing committee provides participants with various benefits for the selected abstracts as follows.

Scholarship winners from overseas:
     - free registration
     - 2 nights of hotel rooms (double occupancy)
     - honorarium ($500)

Korean and non-Korean participants in Korea:
     - presentation scholarship
       (As for the participants who have completed the payment of their registration fees,
        we will provide presentation scholarship onsite during the conference,
        as equivalent as the amount of registration fees.)
     - 1 night of hotel room (double occupancy) for those who live outside Seoul and Gyeonggi-province
     - Priority on the ISMRM scholarship application for 2013

Should you have enquiries, please let us know.
We are looking forward to seeing your participation in the conference.

Thank you!

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